the baker

… behind the Black Box

A word from Crystal, the owner of Little Black Box.


Hello, Jam-Lover!

Long story short: I left the 9-5 of the corporate world for the 7-11 of entrepreneurial life. Kidding. I actually did leave a 13-year, 50-hour/week corporate job to move back to Jacksonville from the Mid-West. With my spare time, I started baking; selling at local farmers markets and pop up events, purely for fun.

Initially it was all baked goods, but as I started baking more, I realized the availability of fillings for my treats were less than delicious. It was a lot of overly sweet, chemical-filled, and not-exactly-natural options. So, I jumped in with both feet and started making my own jam! My goal was to create fruit-forward flavors that cut back on the sweeteners and played with various combinations both naturally sweet and savory.

From the local markets, I started to garner a following and people liked that the jams I made were lower in sugar and more flavorful than the options in Jax at the time. Working at the market, I spent time with other pioneering food entrepreneurs and we worked together in a variety of ways to build community and share best practices. Slowly but surely, Little Black Box gained the attention of local and national grocery stores as well as Jax area restaurants, and we weekly supply both with jars, pints and gallons of jam for direct sale and various menu items.

Little Black Box is all about the love of local food. Deep in our core beliefs we  understand that food connects us at every meal. In this age of faster, disconnectedness and over scheduling we are proud to make food that celebrates taking a moment to savor.

We hope you enjoy all the care we put into every batch!