Jam Life

It’s a little bit of chaos, but organized. Usually the day starts around 6:00. Mostly because I don’t sleep and often because my dogs need to go out. I also like to check email accounts, validate orders and if I planned well on Sunday there is food for breakfast Monday. Often I get out the house by 7:30 headed to the shop or off to get supplies. I spend a lot of time in my car…. No I mean A LOT of time. I break the days up because I have deliveries to make, jam to make, baked goods to prep, new accounts to on-board and established customers to follow up with. That is what this jam life requires. I work 6-7 days a week, turning it off is almost impossible but there are those days when I can and they are fantastic. Part of 2019 has to be about balance but that can start in February because right now it’s almost show season so my days are spent working on inventory to bring to the newest Jam Fans I meet,